Stuffing Hops into a Keg

This past weekend was barely nice enough for us to brew beer in our backyard. And by barely I mean the wind was howling, leaves were floating by but luckily a light jacket and sweatshirt made the temperature bearable.

To start the weekend off right we dry hopped our beer “Hop Yard.” This beer got its name because it was made only with hops we grew in our yard over the summer. Dry hopping occurs when you are almost ready to carbonate and drink a beer. We accomplished dry hopping by filling a mesh bag with a bunch of our whole hops and then shoved it into the keg. This will add a nice aroma to the beer. And it worked! We snuck a little taste tonight just before hooking the keg up to the CO2.

Dry hopping took place in the house but we had to face the elements and brew a milk stout outdoors. A milk stout is smooth, creamy, and perfect to drink when the temperatures begin to fall. Dan formulates all the recipes for our homebrew and I provide moral support and what ever other assistance is needed. I made sure to keep watch of the brew kettle and keep flying debris out! At the end of the boil cooling of the wort needs to take place. Wort is essentially water that grains have been steeped in and with the help of yeast will turn into beer. Cooling of the wort involves a LOT of stirring while cool water runs through a coiled copper tube called a wort chiller. Thankfully we got done just as it was getting dark!


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